Using BioProfe, homework turns into an easier task.

Recently, it has been in Spain a debate in Media about the convenience of homework for children. About if it is really useful in order to create study habits for children and to consolidate what they have learned in the school or if really they have enough time learning in the school.

More than certain hours per day working the performance of people decreases. This is natural, our brain needs to disconnect from work and have rest. And this helps us to be more productive. Children are not an exception, their capacity to keep attention and their interest about studying are minor as the hours passed.

Maybe, the wiser way to see this issue could be to rationalize homework, from a quantity point of view and methodologically too. The objective is to try that children don’t spend too much time doing their homework and also try that they don’t see it like an obligation or a burden. This motivation for homework could be reached using technology and electronic devices.

Certainly BioProfe will contribute to encourage the students to do their homework when they arrive at home after school. Thanks to its original formula editor system, homework of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics can be solved by children using their computers or tablets in a dynamic and intuitive way.

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