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BioProfe is a new way for teachers & students to generate Physics, Chemistry and Maths exercises,and learn by solving them.

How does Bioprofe work?


You can create and correct exams
in a simple and intuitive way.


Access easily to your Physics,
Chemistry and Maths exams.


Solve the exercises anywhere
using your tablet or computer.

Bioprofe consists of two applications

BioProfe Reader

For students

BioProfe Reader allows students to solve the exercises using a tablet or a computer in an entertaining way.

BioProfe Reader includes:

  • Physics exercises
  • Chemistry exercises and
  • Maths exercises

BioProfe Solution

For teachers

BioProfe Creator allows teachers to generate exercises to be sent to the students. The exercises can contain text, test questions, mathematical formulas and graphics.

BioProfe Corrector allows teachers to open the exams that contain the exercises solved by the students to see the right and wrong answers, as well as the statistics on their progress.


BioProfe Reader

Download exams in BioProfepedia


Available for iPad, Android & Windows

Practice with Physics, Chemistry and Maths exercises

BioProfe Solution

BioProfe Creator + Corrector included

Self correcting exercises

Complete solution for educational institutions

Access to BioProfepedia exams


The BioProfepedia is the perfect complement to Bioprofe Solution. With Bioprofepedia you can download and solve the exercises that you want to learn.

In Bioprofepedia you will find exercises of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

And now the new section of Entertainment!

  Go to BioProfepedia  

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