Sioeduc S.L. company stablished on September 2014, is developing its activity in the educational sector through BioProfe, a software to create and solve exercises specialized in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

BioProfe Solution offers an easy and effective alternative to teachers and students who need a complete software that gives them an extensive range of self-corrected exercises and exams about such important subjects as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, which can be downloaded on their computers or tablets.

Sioeduc S.L. has a great vocation of innovation in the educational sector and. For this reason, BioProfe has been selected as outstanding project on the FPCM (Madrid Science Park Foundation), within the Cantoblanco Campus – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where the company has its facilities.

Actually Sioeduc, S.L. focuses its efforts to offer high quality software to their customers-users, to ensure that BioProfe will be recognized like the reference tool for exercises and exams of PhysicsChemistry and Mathematics.

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