Sioeduc S.L. company stablished on september 2014, is developing its activity in the educational sector through BioProfe, a software to create and to solve exercises specialized on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

BioProfe Solution offers an easy and effective alternative to teachers and students who need a complete software that gives them an extensive range of exercises and exams self-corrected about such important subjects as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, which can be downloaded on their computers or tablets.

Sioeduc S.L. has a great vocation about innovation in the educational sector and, for this reason, BioProfe has been selected as outstanding project on the entrepeneur Forum Lince 2015. PROA Group, a professionals association, whose owners and businessmen are from Jaén, and which makes an important labour to support small companies and entrepeneurs, valued the contribution that Sioeduc, s.l. is developing as an ITC Company in Jaen’s economic development.

The activity of Sioeduc S.L. has been supported by important public institutions such as Junta de Andalucía, through its Support Companies Centers, or the Diputación de Jaén, thanks to its facilities on the Geolit Scientific and Technologic Park.

Actually Sioeduc, s.l. focuses its efforts to offer a high quality software to their customers-users, that ensure that BioProfe will be recognized like the reference tool for exercises and exams about Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

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