Cartagena99 ( is an academy located in Cartagena street of Madrid whose didactic methodology is based on personalized attention to the student.

bioprofe |exams with exercises about physics, chemistry and mathematics

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Its students come from different degrees and provide services to students from all universities in the Community of Madrid, public and private. They are specialized in the areas of scientific-technical knowledge, such as mathematics, calculus, algebra, mathematical analysis, mathematical logic, digital electronics, analog electronics, electronic components, statistics, physics, electromagnetism, technical drawing, elasticity and resistance, mechanics, hydraulics, technical English, biochemistry, genetics, biostatistics, signals and systems, etc.

Its director, Kepa Ríos Alday, has described his experience of using BioProfe:

Hi, I would like to introduce you the BioProfe platform, a very useful tool for both teachers and students. It allows, through a very elegant and simple interface, to create exercises with the solutions included. The teacher chooses whether the student is allowed to see the solutions.

There is also the option of allowing or not the student to see the complete solution. This is useful for making level testing to students.

Precisely, at Academia Cartagena99, we will use it to make level tests for subjects as high school mathematics and 1st year of university to students who come at our academy with an unvalidated or accredited level (foreign students, students of old study plans , Students of private centers …).

The tool link is:



I recommend it to everyone!

Greetings and thanks”

The BioProfe team thanks Cartagena99 for their trust and support!

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