BioProfe: the technological ally for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

As “TIC en las Aulas (ITC in the Classrooms) magazine has published recently, BioProfe is the technological ally that the students can count on, to face with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects.

BioProfe have a new editor formulas system that is suitable for this kind of subjects. Students can solve the unknowns into the exercises through popup virtual keyboards that emerge in the moment that one of them is selected. There are five types of keyboards:

  • Numerical.
  • Trigonometric ratios (sine, cosine, tangent, etc.).
  • Signs “+” and “-”.
  • Periodic Table for the student to select a chemical element.
  • Keyboard with the three chemical bonds (simple, double and triple).

Each branch of each subject has theoretical foundations blocks in order to help the students to solve the exams. There are also demo exams for users can test all the tool functionalities.

Digitization within the classrooms, and in the learning and evaluation processes, is an unstoppable phenomenon. All the studies and statistics about the educational sector indicate that this is the trend that is being prevailed on the world. BioProfe is the reference ITC ally for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics exercises and exams.

All BioProfe exercises and exams are developed in Spanish and English, and are available for Windows, Android and Apple iOS.

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