BioProfe: an Andalusian Story.

BioProfe: an Andalusian Story.

The Audiovisual News agency Andalusian Stories has been noticed in the BioProfe project.

The audiovisual news agency Andalusian Stories, has been noticed in the BrioProfe project. And we have had the fortune to be the main character of one of its reports. From its website they pretend to broadcast an image of Andalusia that is not the clichéd one but rather one that focuses on stories about people, businesses and collectives in Andalusia who are developing innovative, pioneering and original projects to do with commitment, modernity, enterprise, sustainability or leadership.

That´s why they visited us a few days ago in our facilities in Jaén to capting images and dates about our software BioProfe and about the activity of our company. In the report appears too a young student, called Carmen Barra, speaking about her experience using our software. She uses BioProfe like a support to review Physic, Chemistry and Mathematics trough the exams availables for these subjects.

The video report shows the great importance for students of being available exams that don’t find in their class books or in the catalogues of the educational publishers in such important disciplines, like are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. New content to revise these subjects using an original and intuitive formula editor that becomes the review of these disciplines in a dinamic and entertainment activity.

You can see the whole report in the next video:


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