BioProfe: the traditional homework, but brought to a tablet.

BioProfe: the traditional homework, but brought to a tablet.

Software created in Mengíbar (Jaén, Andalucía, Spain) makes easier the teacher´s tasks and the student´s learning”. Last 17th February Canal Sur Televisión broadcasted a report about BioProfe on its noon and evening news.

This report was recorded the day before in our facilities within Geolit. The promoters (Carlos and Ignacio Moreno Morán) explained with all details the functioning and features of BioProfe, the software for exams and exercises specialised in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

During the interview, they emphasized that the tool pretends to join education and new technologies adapting the traditional homework to a software in order to the students could solve them in their electronic devices. In this way, “It´s been developed a software to create self-corrected exercises in a resistant subjects like Physics and Chemistry”. The target of BioProfe is to make more accessible these types of technical disciplines, although all possible subjects in all educational system levels are covered.

They mentioned the importance of the exercises or exams can be resolved offline without an Internet connexion once they have been downloaded.

It was mentioned too what is one of the main features of the tool: All applications and all exercises are enterely developed in both languages, Spanish and English. Because of this feature, the tools and the exercises have been visited and downloaded all over the world, different countries like India, China, United States and some of Latin American countries.

The key feature is an unique formulas editor”. Canal Sur Televisión knew what BioProfe makes different from other tools in the market: the formulas editor. Thanks to an original unknown values and popup keyboards system (like the chemical periodic system), the students can solve the exercises in an easy and intuitive way. This makes more accessible subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for them.

The end of the reportage describes perfectly the philosophy of the Project: “The key is to believe in what we do”.

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