BioProfe includes a branch of Chemistry in its application for exercises and exams.

Teachers and students of Chemistry are in luck. From now there is a new branch of this discipline on Bioprofepedia, available for all BioProfe users, their application for exams and exercises.

Innovation and quality are two constants that BioProfe`s team always keeps in mind when we develop and improve our software. That`s why we have decided to include the Chemistry subject in the exams catalogue available in ours applications (BioProfe Solution, BioProfe Reader and Bioprofepedia). In this way, any teacher or student will have on hand a large variety of Mathematical, Physic or Chemistry exercises. Also there is a branch for entertainment, which includes questions about History, Art and Literature, Geography, Sciences, Music, Cinema, Television and Sports.

The new system that BioProfe offers to introduce and resolve the formulas and the questionnaires within the exercises is the perfect tool for this type of technical disciplines, as Mathematics, Physic and Chemistry. The user can introduce and solve the unknown values within the formulas or the theoretical questions choosing the different options existing in the virtual popup keyboards. In addition, the questionnaires are always auto-corrected. There is no other software as complete, intuitive and functional as BioProfe in this sense.

Gradually there will be exams available about the different branches of Chemistry: general, descriptive, analytic or applied. In this way, we pretend to offer the whole discipline, to make it useful to teachers and students independently the educational cycle they could be.


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