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Theoretical Basis


Physics exercises

Capacitance theory

28/06/2016    Ignacio

Direct-current theory

14/06/2016    Ignacio

Rotation theory

08/06/2016    Ignacio

Oscillations theory

16/05/2016    Ignacio

Chemistry exercises

Organic formulation. Alkynes.

02/08/2016    Ignacio

Organic formulation. Alkenes

13/07/2016    Ignacio

Organic formulation. Alkanes.

12/07/2016    Ignacio


Math exercises

Binomials theory

04/08/2016    Ignacio

Variations theory

02/08/2016    Ignacio

Permutations Theory

13/07/2016    Ignacio

Divisibility theory

11/07/2016    Ignacio